Maintenance Planner and Scheduler Training Services

Maintenance Planner and Scheduler Training Delivered by BPA Canada

The base of Maintenance and Reliability excellence and achieving cost-effective equipment reliability anchors to Maintenance Planning and Scheduling.

If a company truly wants to improve efficiency, effectiveness and reduce overall maintenance costs, enhanced Maintenance Planning and Scheduling processes and role related competencies are paramount.

At BPA Canada we share practical how-to experience and best practices that can be applied within an organization.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling are two different processes however they are closely integrated in order to achieve best practice.

Versions of planning and scheduling training are dependant on industry and the particular roles and responsibilities of attendees. Planning and scheduling training is provided typically for the following roles:

  • Operations and maintenance personal
  • Planners / Schedulers combined roles
  • Planners, whether seasoned or new to the planning role
  • Schedulers, whether seasoned or new to the scheduling role
  • Operations Maintenance Coordinators
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Reliability Roles
  • Material Management Roles
  • Attendees at publicly offered Maintenance Planning and Scheduling training classes, contact BPA for further details of upcoming classes

Customized on-site planning and scheduling training

BPA Canada Maintenance Process subject matter experts visit a site to quickly assess and learn current practices and identify potential improvements. Working with the client, jointly review scope and deliverables of the training, and specific audience.  BPA customize the training to meet the organization’s needs and determine delivery schedules.

Standard on-site and Public Training: BPA offers Asset Management aligned planning and scheduling training classes on-site and public training classes.

Roles that impact the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Processes typically have duties that: Plan and/or schedule maintenance work – Coordinate production schedules with maintenance work – Manage maintenance schedules and work integration – Work with reliability improvements and projects – Manage and/or supervise maintenance personnel and craft – Work with a Computerized Maintenance Management System – Manage Project, project design and implementation – Manage Materials and Services.

People that have these duties are ideal candidates for Planning and Scheduling Training.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Components:

  • Reliability and Maintenance Integration
  • Implementing the planning and scheduling processes
  • The outcomes from best in class planning and scheduling
  • Best-practice Maintenance processes
  • Roles and Responsibilities in the overall maintenance process
  • Role assignment and task alignment within the maintenance process
  • Work request initiation & Validation
  • Setting Work Order priorities
  • Managing the planning backlog
  • Planning (What/How/Who)
  • Planning Exercises
  • Managing Ready to be Scheduled Work
  • Multi week forecasting
  • Scheduling, weekly and Daily (Who/When) both Company and Contract resources
  • Scheduling Exercises
  • Work execution
  • Recording and archiving work history
  • Planner Feedback
  • Continuous improvement
  • Maintenance Process Measures

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