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Asset Maintenance and Reliability Consultation

The successful conduction of asset maintenance activities and how they are coupled to a Reliability Centered Maintenance program (including preventative, predictive maintenance and root cause analysis) and or an Asset Management program is paramount to an organizations overall performance.

Assessment of key areas is typically required to understand; the asset maintenance process that is in place at a facility, the roles and responsibilities that are part of that process, integration with other functions (specifically Operations and Manufacturing) and measures of performance.

These key areas are then compared to best in class organizations with collaborative solutions developed for an organization to implement improvement.

Key areas of focus to understand existing maintenance practices include:

The overall asset maintenance process and how that is part of an overarching reliability program.

The budgeting or forecasting of annual maintenance expenditure.

The key phases of conducting maintenance – work validation, planning of work, scheduling resources to conduct the work, execution of the maintenance work coupled with archived data and measured performance of each key area.

Competencies that are part of the maintenance activities. (Roles and Responsivities).

How maintenance activities are integrated with other functions, i.e., Engineering, Operations, Projects and any Turnaround or Plant Shutdown activities.

With consultation, coaching and subject matter expertise being provided to an organization to recognize improvement opportunities and develop improvement solutions are typically centered around:

A well-defined process to conduct maintenance.

Improving the roles and responsibilities descriptions.

Training the defined roles in the process.

Defining key integration with operations / manufacturing.

Defining the appropriate and correct amount of process performance measures to drive improvement.

Improvement implementation planning.

In my experience, whether an assessment is unobtrusive or informal to a more robust approach assessment of an organizations maintenance practices; solutions implemented will reduce significantly the overall cost of conducting maintenance.

This paper is a brief outline into the activities associated in conducting best in class Maintenance and Reliability work and can be used as a starting reference.

Thanks, Rhys Bailey.

Email: rbailey@bpacanada.ca  – Mobile: 250 551-6957

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