Personal note

Rhys has developed working relationships with clients, building a solid reputation for implementing and improving Operational Excellence.

Benefits Rhys brings: the ability and knack of identifying inefficiencies, waste and low value activities within operations, maintenance & reliability and manufacturing environments combined with the competency and experience to provide practical, value adding solutions.

Talents / Expertise: as a business consultant, coach and facilitator, coupled with ability to work at all levels within an organization are attributes that Rhys brings. Along with extensive experience in Project Management, Organizational Best Practice, Operating Discipline Standards, ISO Standards Implementation, Value Analysis, Maintenance & Reliability Processes and Lean Manufacturing Principles.

On a personal note, I am passionate about my work.

Having the opportunity and privilege to work with great companies and people gives me a huge sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that I have helped  companies become stronger.  It is so inspiring to have been able to contribute to their success!

I look forward to continuing my work and fostering future client relationships.

Thanks, Rhys

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