Take a two minute Maintenance Activity assessment…

Characteristics of under performing maintenance organizations – do any of these sound familiar?

  • No formal process for identifying and validating work. (Gatekeeping).
  • Maintenance activities are not focused on equipment criticality.
  • Effective planning does not always precede execution of work orders.
  • Most available maintenance hours are not scheduled.
  • Not all tradesmen receive assigned work orders.
  • Feedback on work quality is not provided.
  • Operate in ‘fire fighting” or the “squeakiest wheel” mode.
  • Root causes of downtime issues are not well understood.
  • Work completion is not followed by thorough close-out and analysis.
  • CMMS is under utilized – perhaps only used for generating PMs or parts lists.
  • Constantly overwhelmed and behind the game with unmanageable WO backlogs.
  • No maintenance-specific KPIs used to manage and improve maintenance activities.

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